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Anyone replay Bioshock Infinite? What did you ... - GameSpot As for vigor, I used Bucking Bronco, crows and Shock. [spoiler] For Lady Comstock I recommend upgrade Charge. That will kill her easily, even on 1999 mode [/spoiler] Oh, forgot to add. There is an ... thoughts/ramblings on Hard/1999 difficulties (spoilers ... I think the modern (and unfortunate) trend in game design is to tune the default/normal difficulties so that players can ignore/underutilize many game BioShock Infinite Guide - Cheats and Easter Eggs | GameDynamo To help you in your quest through BioShock Infinite, we've put together this cheats guide with additional info about easter eggs you might find in the game. Cheat Codes. The Konami Code and 1999 Mode: BioShock Infinite contains a secret difficulty level known as “1999 mode”, which considerably increases the challenge level of the game. It ...

Defeat the ghost of Lady Comstock | Chapter 30 - Downtown ... Lady Comstock has an unpleasant habit of bringing nearby dead people back to the world of the living and as a result killing standard enemies is pointless since she can resurrect them. Focus your attacks on the ghost and try to immobilize Lady Comstock's helpers by using Bucking Bronco or Murder of Crows vigors. Following this tactic should ... BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode Guide - YouTube

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1999 Mode | BioShock Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia 1999 Mode is an unlockable mode of gameplay that is more difficult than the "Hard" setting. It can be unlocked by either beating BioShock Infinite for the first time or on consoles by entering the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B [cancel], A [confirm]) while in the game menu. Bioshock Infinite: How to Beat the Final Battle [1999 … Check out our list of Bioshock Infinite cheats for achievement guides, collectibles, and survival tips. Take a tour through Columbia and rescue Elizabeth with our Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough, showing you how to navigate the flyingBioshock Infinite: How to Unlock 1999 Mode with the Konami Code.

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Bioshock Infinite - Lady Comstock 1999 Mode - Strategy… This is a strategy guide on how to beat Lady Comstock First Encounter on 1999 Mode with Scavenger Hunt achievement intact. enjoy :). Thanks for watching remember to like comment and subscribe! Bioshock Infinite How To Beat Lady Comstock Ghost On … Bioshock Infinite Lady Comstock 1999 Mode Strategy Guide First Encounter.Рекомендуем прослушать первую композицию Bioshock Infinite How To Beat Lady Comstock ANY Encounter 1999 Mode длительностью 2 мин и 45 сек, размер файла 3.62 MB. Bioshock Infinite: How to beat Lady Comstock ANY Encounter… Смотреть видео Bioshock Infinite: How to beat Lady Comstock ANY Encounter 1999 Mode в HD качестве. Длительность видео: 2 мин и 45 сек. - Как победить призрак леди Комсток в Bioshock Infinite